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Team Building Kent

Although most of our clients prefer bespoke events you can also choose from a selection of pre-packaged events designed and tailored with the professional client in mind.

Are your employees looking to relax and unwind after their morning meeting? Giving your staff a chance to unwind and have fun at our outdoor activity venue located just 30 minutes from Central London (Victoria Train Station) is a way of rewarding them for their work efforts. Fun days are – just that, pure fun!

Team Building Kent Activity DaysEven without the emphasis on team building or team training, you will find that relationships between work colleagues will benefit from the shared experience. Up to 50% of our clients are bringing work colleagues along as a means to unwind, get to know each other or as a staff incentive. Without necessarily being aware it works, colleagues build better relationships by working together as teams, away from the normal work environment. Our events are fun yet competitive way of developing communication skills, leadership and time / resource management abilities – in short they are a proven form of team building.
Group Involvement

Kent Activity Days ultimately believe the aim of any teambuilding challenge day is to involve everyone taking part where each team member is fully engaged in a way that is conducive to the developmental aims of the overall process.

This results in team members recognising and making the most of their colleague`s individual strengths in achieving a common goal or objective.

Fun Kent team building days

The fun aspect of problem solving, physical & mental challenges or team activities is conducive to the whole process of learning. Depending on time and budget you can also opt to combine a team building challenges with one or more purely fun activities that are as equally rewarding to the delegates plus maintain the event`s positive momentum.

For a full list of activities that we can incorporate into your special teambuilding event take a look at our activities list.

Staff and customers are the most important assets to any business. Providing a real action-packed, adrenalin pumping, entertaining day where everyone is involved, will surely increase loyalty, commitment, morale, and profits!

When staff are happy they work harder and achieve more. Customers respond to the social atmosphere and mutually beneficial relationships build better business practices.

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